Back Pain (Backache): Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatments

Back pain is also known as backache. When a person feels a stretch in the lower, middle or upper part of the back, it is called a back pain. This article covers back pain causes, symptoms, risk factors and effective treatments.

Back pain can occur to any individual,Guest Posting but most of the people do not take it seriously. Later, for some people back pain becomes a big health issue and they have to face a lot of problems because of it. In such a situation, if the person with back pain take necessary steps in the beginning this problem can be overcome to some extent. Although, back pain can be treated by resting or exercising, but if an individual doesn’t get relief from these methods, then it is necessary to seek medical help. Symptoms of Back Pain: Back pain symptoms may include: Muscle Strain: The main symptom of back pain is muscle strain. In this condition, people may feel a stretch in the waist, which takes the form of pain after some time. Persistent Pain: If a person feels persistent pain in the waist or back, it can prove to be a sign of a backache or back pain. Pain Reaching the Legs: Back pain reaches the legs or feet. Such people should contact their doctor immediately and get their health checkup done. Back Pain While Getting Up, Bending, Standing or Moving: There is a possibility of having a back pain, even in those individuals who have body pain while getting up, bending, standing or walking etc. Causes of Back Pain: There are a lot of people who can have back pain due to many reasons. The main reasons for back pain are: Lack of Calcium: The possibility of back pain is mainly in the individuals who are deficient in calcium in their body. Mostly Sitting for Long Hours: In today’s era, most people have to sit and work for a long time. In such a situation, these people are more likely to have back pain. Suffering from Arthritis: Back pain can also occur to the individuals with arthritis. Such individuals must complete their arthritis test so that they don’t have any serious disease. Seating Posture is Not Correct: You must have seen many individuals whose seating position isn’t correct. Such type of people are more likely to have a back pain. People Who Don’t Exercise: Generally, it is believed that all of us should exercise at least 15-30 minutes. Exercise helps in making our body flexible. Despite this, some people do not exercise, due to which they may have a lot of health problems including having a back pain. Diagnosis of Back Pain: Back pain can be diagnosed in many of the following ways- X-rays: Back pain can be tested by X-rays. An X-ray examines the inner part of the waist to find out the real cause of backache. CT Scanning: In addition, back pain can also be tested by CT scan. In this test, an internal picture of different parts of the body is taken so that the position of back pain can be ascertained. Blood test: Often, back pain is also tested by a blood test. It helps to examine changes in the human body from back pain. Bone Scanning: Many times, doctor or health care providers also test back pain through a bone scan. In this test, the exact part of back pain is detected by scanning the waist of the human body. Examining the muscles: Back pain can also be tested by examining the muscles. Since, the pain is related to the muscle, the muscle can be examined to find out the actual condition of its back pain. Treatments of Back Pain: Back pain treatments may include- Generally, most people don’t have much trouble with backache or back pain, but for some individuals it can be a sign of other serious diseases. Therefore, it is advisable to seek a medical treatment of back pain in its initial stage so that people don’t have to suffer due to this. Thus, if a person is suffering from back pain, he/she should treat back pain in the following ways- Exercise: The easiest way to treat back pain is exercise or light activities. It helps a lot in curing back pain. Physiotherapy: In addition to excising, physiotherapy can be a great option to treat back pain. Therefore, if suffering from back pain, he/she can get back pain treatment by getting physiotherapy. Medication: Some drugs or medication can also used to treat a back ache or back pain. These medicines are mostly the pain relievers, which may help in reducing back pain. Surgery: It takes serious form when the back pain is incurable for a long time. Back pain affects the person’s spine, in which case the only option left is to perform spinal surgery. Risk and Complications: You are at a higher risk of having a back pain, if you-

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